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  • A People’s Campaign Against Corruption

    If electoral change, laws and persuasion do not lead to a corruption free society, shouldn’t one turn to the people, that is, ask the people to do what they can to usher in a society with a stronger commitment to what is right. Let the people lead the quest for a corruption-free society ! This is perhaps what Hussamuddin is trying to do. He is hoping that popular consciousness, a people’s determination to rid society of the scourge of corruption will hold the key to success.

  • Winning Votes Through Identity Politics

    According to official estimates, Donald J. Trump obtained a little more than 74 million votes in the November 2020 presidential election losing to Joseph Biden who secured a little more than 81 million votes. Biden won by a comfortable margin but Trump also performed remarkably well. What explains his performance? Analysis of his performance may reveal the growing influence of a certain combination of forces that may shape elections in not only the United States but also in other parts of the world in the coming years.

  • Leadership Manoeuvres: The Real Reason

    Why is it that in spite of increasing Covid 19 infections, rising fatalities, massive floods in a number of states and serious economic challenges, some politicians are still indulging in political machinations and manipulations? His Majesty the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and a number of Rulers have strongly advised politicians against indulging in political manoeuvres at a time like this. Together with the rakyat, they have pleaded with the politicians to refrain from politicking and concentrate instead upon taming the pandemic.

  • Tugas Cendekiawan Muda: Bagaimana Meneruskan Tradisi Intelektual di Malaysia

    Cendekiawan muda yang diidamkan ini ialah cendekiawan yang cuba mempertahankan kebebasannya. Kebebasannya bermakna dia tidak tunduk kepada mereka yang berkuasa kerana mereka berkuasa. Dia tidak tunduk kepada kekayaan, harta, jawatan, kedudukan dan sebagainya. Hal ini kerana ini juga ialah cabaran yang kita hadapi sebagai manusia. Ilmu pengetahuan di universiti, institut penyelidikan kita menghadapi cabaran ini. Ia cabaran daripada mereka yang berkuasa, memiliki harta, kekayaan, dan kepentingan yang lain.

  • Déjà Vu in France: Change Attitudes

    The hypocrisy of the French State goes beyond convictions in Court. While officials are rightfully aghast at the violence committed by individuals, France has a long history of perpetrating brutal massacres and genocides against Muslims and others. The millions of Algerians, Tunisians and Moroccans who died in the course of the French colonisation of these countries bear tragic testimony to this truth. Vietnam and the rest of Indo-China reinforce this cruel and callous record