Alka Menon – Constructing an Asian Look

Malaysian cosmetic surgeons facilitate the spread of regional cultural forms from around Asia in selectively drawing on circulating beauty ideals in constructing different “looks” for their patients. This intermediary role has broader implications for how to think about the flow of ideas across national borders.

The Ball is in Tuanku’s Court

The solution is to return the power to the voters. Politicians must not be scared of the voters. His Majesty must be brave to go to the country and let the people decide. We need a new breed of leaders. Leaders who can take Malaysia forward, yet to bring Malaysia back to its glory days.

Estet Budaya-sosial dan Garisannya

Masyarakat Malaysia turut ada tradisi dan gerakan yang mengajukan wacana² sebegini, yang berusaha membangun naratif² dan idea² politik. Cuma dan bezanya, pada ketika ini suatu estet yang baru yang berbeza komposisi dan nilai dan metodnya mungkin diperlukan.